Chad Coombs

Chad Coombs

*1982 in Saskatoon, Canada

Chad Coombs was born in 1982 in Saskatoon, Canada. His early theoretical and especially practical occupation with paintings was affected by former attempts to reeducate his left-handedness and not entirely corrected defective vision. The camera gave the young man the possibility to accept his disability and to transform it positively. Due to the medium photography he could overcome the restrictions, which he experienced in painting. Like Richard Avedon, Chad Coombs wants to disturb and arouse the viewer, to make him feel and think. In many cases he focuses on issues and problems of the globalized world. Sometimes very subtle like in the series Future Wildlife Portrait, sometimes very radical like in the series Photoganda. Chad Coombs works were published by national and international magazines. In 2008 Chad Coombs followed an invitation of the David LaChapelle Studios to New York and worked two weeks with the team of his favourite photographer.

Gorilla Airfare
  • Man's Tools
  • Smoke a lution
  • Pigmart
  • Gorilla Airfare
  • McWorld
  • Water for sale
  • Brother Bear watching
  • Rammed full
  • Bag Run
  • Oil Way Drive

Future Wildlife

A series of animal portraits done with the mindset of possible future national geographic images. A conceptual series of a possible future way of life if the world continues on its paths its headed in. One could argue two aspects on this series. One being human kind becomes extinct one day do to its own demise in any number of ways and wildlife roaming the earth again like it did before man kind ever set foot upon earths soil. Taking over the streets, markets, commercial areas and so on so forth. Living amongst the once inhabited areas mankind walk amongst. Two the constant sprawl of society over taking all areas of wild life claim, forcing man and beast to live amongst each other and learn to evolve as one. Adjusting in all aspects from feed to living quarters. Walking amongst each other as we do dogs and cats in most countries around the world. Days where a wildlife photographer wouldn't have to leave his/her own area of town to capture images of any animals living within their own countries regional wildlife. Visually inspired in part from the Banksy series of "re modernizing" paintings with current landscape objects inserted into classic imagery, such as a shopping carts and a pylon in a creek under a bridge or bio hazarded barrels behind some dancers.

Future Wildlife

Title: Gorilla Airfare

Year: 2008

Print: C-Print


Art-Nr.: ID-CHC-Fw-04

  • 40cm x 60cmEdition limited to: 10 + 2 AP

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