Chad Coombs

Chad Coombs

*1982 in Saskatoon, Canada

Chad Coombs was born in 1982 in Saskatoon, Canada. His early theoretical and especially practical occupation with paintings was affected by former attempts to reeducate his left-handedness and not entirely corrected defective vision. The camera gave the young man the possibility to accept his disability and to transform it positively. Due to the medium photography he could overcome the restrictions, which he experienced in painting. Like Richard Avedon, Chad Coombs wants to disturb and arouse the viewer, to make him feel and think. In many cases he focuses on issues and problems of the globalized world. Sometimes very subtle like in the series Future Wildlife Portrait, sometimes very radical like in the series Photoganda. Chad Coombs works were published by national and international magazines. In 2008 Chad Coombs followed an invitation of the David LaChapelle Studios to New York and worked two weeks with the team of his favourite photographer.

    • Boxed Goods
    • Starving Carnival
    • Warpet
    • untitled
    • Untitled
    • Girls-Women
    • Hunged Street
    • KKK Street
    • War Crimes
    • Behead Street


    Inspired by the quote from the movie "seven" Only in a world this shitty could you see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home and tolerate it..." "We tolerate it because it's common, it's trivial. We tolerate it morning, noon and night. Well, not anymore...."

    In a world where the internet, television and daily new movies have desensitized our society. Where every day has a visual catastrophe of humanity for all the world to see and treats it as if its the treat of the week from McDonalds. We walk past these visual encounters as easily as we walk past some one eating a big mac sitting on a local stoop, we communicate it no more then the same way we would the extra value meal we had for lunch that very day. The urban legends and serial killers of yesterdays past have become nothing in todays culture. From bum fights to girls gone wild to the hanging of Sadam Husein or the beating of an innocent civilian by a local police officer. We walk right on past as if nothing is happening or happened. Our deadly sins have become nothing more then the equivalent of a McDonalds McValue menu, everyones seen it and everyones had something from the menu no matter how bad we may know it is for us. If the included images from histories past were to happen now in present society, how different would they look and how wide spread would their coverage be? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? Would they look any different then the samples I have provide? I tend to believe so.


    Chad Coombs 2011