Irek Kielczyk

Irek Kielczyk

* 1967 in Warsaw, Poland

Immigrated to South Africa in 1990, Irek Kielczyk got to know the photography by private studies. In Cape Town he worked as an assistant for Bruce Weber. In the middle of the 90ies he returned to Poland, where from then on he took pictures for several fashion magazines. Because of the conversion to digital photography, Kielczyk’s methods and themes’ selection changed. Fashion and portrait shoots were detached by a new interest for pictorial language. Since then Kielczyk focalises on forms and colour. As many photographers, who represented youth and fashion culture in the 90ies, Kielczyk, Wolfgang Tillmann and others nowadays try to mediate a pictorial appreciation disconnected from the object. Due to an excessively long illumination and the camera’s shaking and moving during the exposure the objects and figures start to transform. Trees mutate into vertical blades, an illuminated frosted glass appears as waving, red hair and dancing women change into coloured bright whirls. It is about dematerialisation and abstraction of shapes and landscapes with help of the camera, which is not visible to the naked eye.


    • Tree Trip 05
    • Tree Trip 02
    • Tree Trip 06
    • Tree Trip 04
    • Tree Trip 01
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    Tree Trip

    Also Kielczyks fuzzy landscapes of forests and lakes express a mythic and meditative impression, that cannot be found in todays bustling world anymore. The photographer’s design and colouring correlates the pictorial procedures in a lot of ways: therefore the monochromatic coloured surfaces, sparkling and light effects and an image build-up, which reminds of the painter’s brush work are exemplarily.