Lenz Mayer

Lenz Mayer

*1979 in munich

2003 - 2005 study of photography at the Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town

Lenz Mayer was born in the 1970ies, in which minimalism, Land Art and the artistic colour photography made their final breakthrough in the fine arts. All three of them have their origin in the USA, where a parallel can be drawn to Lenz Mayer, as he, besides trips to Australia and the United Arab Emirates, took a lot of pictures in the United States. Mayer dedicated himself to everyday life’s objects and embodied their discreet beauty. Mayer’s alignment of trash containers as well as the garage doorways recalls the Weimar Republic’s new factual industry photographers. The landscape’s fragments, which Lenz Mayer shoots with his camera, are incumbent on a very subjective repertory. In that way the photographer creates his own characteristic landscape. By looking at the photographs, which nearly seem ruminant, the observer experiences a training of perception. The pictures invite the recipient to absorb the own, direct environment with a wide awake and focused gaze.


  • untitled II
  • Soho
  • Dubai I
  • Clifton
  • Dubai II
  • f22
  • Indifference
  • Brooklyn
  • Chinatown

Minimalistic Landscape

Although there aren't any people on most of his photos, Lenz Mayer is highly interested in the nature shaped by humans: a highway through nowhere, a quayside's bend in Dubai lined with street signs, trash cans in china town or a hydrant in Soho. Even elementary objects show, that almost everywhere in the world the nature is affected by civilisation. Lenz Mayer does not want to present the Big Picture, but the little detail, the at first sight unimpressive and unspectacular elements; not the impressive ocean of houses in New York in aerial perspective, but six mundane waste containers chained to each other in China Town. His Credo is the minimalism and the reduction to the basics of objects and landscapes. He himself characterises his pictures as "minimalistic landscapes": "I'm interested in the plane, geometric structures, those, which are overlooked very easily."

Minimalistic Landscape

Title: Brooklyn

Year: 2009

Print: C-Print including 1 cm white border on each side


Art-Nr.: ID-LEM-Mi-09

  • 42cm x 71cmEdition limited to: 10 + 2 AP

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